Mortal Kombat X wants to make things easy for you … but it comes at a price.

NetherRealm Studios’ iconic fighting sequel released yesterday on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, but not everyone’s happy with it. The game has a $30 downloadable content season pass of questionable value given that it only unlocks four additional characters and a selection of character skins. You can also spend $20 to bypass some grinding and unlock stuff early on.

What’s really riled the gaming community, though, is the inclusion of paid-for easy fatalities — simplified versions of the tricky and gruesome finishing moves that the series is famous for.

Mortal Kombat X starts you off with some easy-fatality tokens — which mean you can pull off the moves without mastering the necessary button inputs — and you can earn more by playing. If you want, though, you can also pay a dollar to buy five easy fatalities or spend $5 for 30. This idea hasn’t gone down well with the gaming community, particularly as the game costs $60 upfront.

Popular YouTuber Boogie2998 said, “This is the exact same model we see in free-to-play games … it certainly has no place in a triple-A, $60 title.”

Meanwhile, Twitter users have been equal parts perplexed and angered by NetherRealm’s move, as you can see in the comments gathered below.