Your favorite little live video app, Meerkat, is coming to Android. Meerkat made this official today by inviting people to sign up for a public beta of the Android version of the product.

There’s no indication on the sign-up form of whether the number of testers admitted will be limited.

Meerkat, which made a big splash at this year’s South by Southwest conference in Austin, has said before that it intended to bring the magic to Android devices. But today is the first real proof, and the first news that there would be a public beta.

Soon after Meerkat started filling Twitter with “LIVE NOW” video links, Twitter announced its competing product, Periscope, and cut off Meerkat’s access to the social graph function, causing some to believe that the little Meerkat might be an endangered species. Nope. The little app is moving to a new platform and not looking back.

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Periscope, for now, is available only on iOS.

Hat tip: Mashable