To say that the explosion of mobile, big data, and martech have made the CMO’s role increasingly complex is an understatement. Marketing leaders today are challenged with merging brand stories and narratives with a fragmented world of a thousand channels.

At VB’s GrowthBeat Summit taking place June 1 and 2 in Boston, an exclusive group of 180 top CMO execs will be invited to come together and tackle the most pressing issues and opportunities of their time.

With the tagline ‘Mastering the CMO Role: Merging creativity with technology to drive growth,’ the invitation-only event offers a rare chance to strategize and learn from CMO peers in some of the world’s top organizations.

It’s more than just great networking. We’ll be giving each CMO an unprecedented deep dive into the findings of VB’s research on what technologies and strategies are actually working for marketers —  yes, we’re now boasting that we have the largest data set on the planet in this area (take a look at our marketing cloud report, for example). We’ll also offer a VB-curated glimpse at some of the most disruptive marketing technologies emanating from Silicon Valley and beyond.

But none of this cool technology matters, unless you have your “story” worked out first, and creatively infuse that story into all of the conversations you’re having with customers.

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In an intimate setting combining keynotes, fireside chats, and small boardroom sessions that encourage open debate, we’ll explore the themes below, while welcoming visionaries such as:

  • Lynn Vojvodich, CMO of Salesforce
  • Deena Bahri, CMO of Birchbox
  • John Kennedy, CMO of Xerox
  • Scott Brinker, CEO, Chiefmartech

Themes we’ll be exploring

Attribution. Will it ever be accurate? — The fragmented world of a thousand different devices and channels severed the direct tie between the marketing dollar and a close. However,  some big companies are increasingly finding strategies to mend that link, or at least mend it well. Here’s how those leaders are doing it.

Story-telling. Does data drown the message? — The art of story-telling took a back seat for a while when the data snobs took over, but smart CMOs are now spending more time than ever articulating their stories across social, mobile, web, and email. Here’s how some successful companies are doing it.

Convergence. Is there still an online versus offline world? — Bricks and mortar retailers have long been unable to tie digital campaigns to in-store purchases. But many companies are saying they have already tasted the beginnings of nirvana: Bridging the online-offline divide. Here’s what they’re doing.

The customer. Can you understand their journey? — Turbo-charged growth requires a data-driven approach, where companies collect, unify, and apply data about their customers to predict their needs, and deliver relevance and value — each step along the way. Hear from companies that have integrated their data, mapped customer touch-points, and nailed that customer journey challenge to great success.

Disruption.  Is it ever over? — Modern marketing organizations need shaking up, from above or below, or both. Companies need to draw from younger DNA while needing managers who thrive when innovation and agility are daily routine. Learn from companies that are transforming their cultures.

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