Today, Microsoft is updating its Bing iOS app with a private search mode, better image search, and the ability to launch apps directly from search results.

Microsoft started tweaking privacy controls in February by adding an easy way to clear search history and manage cookies. Its latest update is supposed to make it even easier to browse the web without leaving a digital footprint.

In addition to adding a private search mode, Microsoft also updated image search in the iOS mobile app. The update implements a new search feature the company introduced earlier this month to Bing for web. Now when you use image search on your iPhone, you’ll also be able to get contextual information about that photo.

Bing Image Search

Finally, Bing is now showing apps in search results with the ability to launch them directly from there. For instance, if you’re looking for the film Animal House, Bing will show you the IMDB app within your search results rather than a blue link to the app in the App Store. Clicking on the app icon will automatically open the app.

For those of you already keen on Apple’s new set of emojis, Microsoft went ahead and added them to its emoji search feature too.