This duo might actually outrank The Avengers.

Steve Wozniak, one of the pioneers of the personal computer and co-founder of Apple; and Stan Lee, the creator of Marvel Comics icons like Spider-Man and The Hulk, are teaming together to bring Silicon Valley its own comic-con. The event, Silicon Valley Comic Con, debut in March 19 and March 20 in 2016. Comic cons are becoming mainstream, with the shows often used to announce and showcase new projects in film, TV, and gaming.

The new event takes place at the San Jose Convention Center and promises to feature Hollywood celebrities and technology leaders with panels, autographs sessions, and photo ops. San Francisco used to have its own comic con, the WonderCon, but it left for Anaheim after the 2011 event.

“There are lots of fans like me in San Francisco and the Valley, and I’m excited that now we’ll have a Comic Con with our very own flavor,” Wozniak wrote on the event’s site. “When I was growing up, it was hard to be a geek. It definitely wasn’t cool, and that wasn’t easy. I’m happy things have changed because now people are able to be proud of being geeks and being different. Silicon Valley Comic Con will be an event where fans of all kinds can celebrate the Age of the Geek.”

Comic conventions are popular events that take place throughout the country. The largest, the San Diego Comic-Con, had around 130,000 attendees last year, according to The Nerdist.

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