Twitter today updated Vine for iOS with new sharing options. You can download the new version now from Apple’s App Store; the team says the equivalent Android update is “coming soon.”

In short, Vine has a new share screen. It lets you share to Tumblr, a new addition in this release, along with Facebook and Twitter, as well as back to Vine again.

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Best of all, the share screen lets you post to multiple places at once. That means revine, send via Vine messages, as well as share to Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr simultaneously.

Since revining is basically just like sending your vining, this functionality extends to other people’s Vines as well. If you see a cool clip, you can quickly share it across all your social networks at the same time as reposting it on Vine itself.

To celebrate Tumblr support, Vine is highlighting its own Tumblr page. While the team refers to it as “brand new,” content has been trickling in there for weeks, so if Tumblr is your thing, you have a lot of catching up to do.

Today’s update really underlines just how adept┬áVine is at building a platform for making content go viral. The company is great at focusing on building a bare-bones products, and once it has something with a growing userbase, it simply keeps iterating.

For example, adding Facebook and Twitter before Tumblr makes sense, even though all three could have been there at the start. The same goes for the option to post to multiple social networks: It could have been a feature at launch, but keeping things simple at the start is much more important than overloading the user with functionality. Once you have a solid service, you can ramp up the features.