TestBird, a Chinese mobile-tech company, is announcing its mobile-analytics and user-acquisition program TrackingBird.

The Chengdu, China-based company announced the technology at the Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) event in Beijing. Its new product is aimed at the worldwide market, but the move also shows that regional approaches to user acquisition and mobile analytics are emerging to service Chinese-speaking mobile-app and game companies.

“We can’t wait to help the existing 2,500-plus Chinese mobile developers go global with our attribution software, TrackingBird,” said Snake Chen, chief marketing officer of TestBird, in a statement. “The trend for Chinese developers to go global is huge and giving them a better understanding for oversea marketing is key for them, including how to find high-value users, and localization.”

TrackingBird is geared to help mobile-app makers measure where their high-value users are coming from. The company said that TrackingBird is an attribution analytics program that allows developers to see more in-depth analytics than their competitors. And it is also a third-party service platform for mobile-application advertisement tracking.

TestBird also announced that TrackingBird is available for any developer interested in testing the service for free during its final beta testing period now until July 1. People interested in the product can apply here.

TestBird claimed that its existing platform can test mobile games on 1,000 mobile devices in one hour.

“We are the only company in China working to help make both the app maker and advertising company happy,” said Li Wei, CEO of TestBird, in a statement. “We believe that as a truly independent third party that helps both the developers and advertisers with trusted numbers and information, we will be able to help them both understand their customer’s attribution better and be more effective in their advertising dollars and campaigns.”

The company said that TrackingBird will be fully compatible with ad networks in both the West and in China, as well as with all popular mobile operating systems.

TestBird said that TrackingBird can provide real-time analytics and global advertisement tracking to help developers and publishers with trends, retention rates, key performance indicators, sales events, and more.

Wei, former president of GSM research and development at Huawei Wireless, founded TestBird in 2013. Rivals include Kochava, which provides attribution and analytics that works with the Cocos2d-x game engine, a very popular engine among Chinese game developers.