The worlds of kids mobile and TV advertising are merging.

Leading kids ad agency Beacon Media Group today announced a partnership with SuperAwesome, the world’s largest digital advertising platform for kids and teens. It’s a move that will see Beacon Media — traditionally focused on TV advertising — expanding its reach onto digital platforms. SuperAwesome predicts that the digital kids advertising market will triple in the next two years from $500 million to $1.5 billion.

With kids aged 2-12 spending more time on mobile games than any other age group, it’s a market that brands — even those more used to spending their marketing budgets on TV spots — can’t afford to miss.

Advertising to kids is a potentially contentious issue, but SuperAwesome’s ad platform complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) — the U.S. law which restricts how children can be contacted online. SuperAwesome’s “kid-safe ad network reaches a monthly audience of over 85 million kids in the U.S. — and over 200 million globally — on desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Chief executive officer Dylan Collins told GamesBeat that the partnership with Beacon Media is “an illustration of the very real shift that’s starting to happen from TV to digital in the kids market.”

“The intersection between TV and digital marketing in the kids sector has never been greater,” added Collins in a statement. “Our partnership with Beacon Media is a huge step in bringing new opportunities to brands across the U.S.. We’re incredibly excited about what we can do together.”

“The combination of SuperAwesome’s vast digital kids audience and platform with our kids TV-buying expertise will provide our clients with a strong advantage over their competitors. We feel strongly that joining forces with SuperAwesome will allow us to realize our strategic goals within the digital youth space,” Beacon Media president Tom Horner said.