Over the past six months, we’ve talked to almost 2,000 mobile developers and publishers and studied 1.8 million apps to uncover deep insights about user acquisition, monetization, analytics, and engagement. This week, we’ll be presenting many of our findings about keeping, engaging, and monetizing mobile users.

VB's estimate of mobile marketing automation market share

Above: VB’s estimate of mobile marketing automation market share

Image Credit: VB Insight

It’s our How to achieve mobile marketing success webinar, on Thursday this week.

In some sense, mobile marketing automation is the opposite of app analytics.

Where app analytics starts from the top down with the big numbers, MMA starts from the bottom up with each individual user. Where app analytics is about after-the-action reporting, MMA is about real time. And where app analytics tells you what happened and leaves acting on the information to your own ingenuity, mobile marketing automation gives you the tools and levers to immediately act on the data it is feeding you.

We’ve already shared plenty of information on how the most successful apps drive massive engagement and monetization. This time, we’re going to turn away from the basics of what MMA is, and focus in on to what it can do for mobile developers and publishers.

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Mobile Marketing Automation: How to achieve mobile marketing success

Some of the case studies that we’ll be talking about:

Mobile marketing automation features

Above: Mobile marketing automation features

Image Credit: VB Insight
  • How a popular photo app earned $100,000 from one push message
  • How Renault bumped test drives 17 percent via mobile
  • How to mix traditional marketing creativity with cutting-edge digital technologies
  • Why testing at scale is both necessary and dangerous
  • How to get user to opt in to your push messaging without the danger of an eternal no
  • How to improve your app store ratings by almost 100 percent in four weeks
  • And more …

To help us all understand how to use mobile marketing automation successfully, we’ll also have Andrew Laffoon, the CEO and cofounder of Mixbook, and Erik Tarui, VP of marketing and CRM at textPlus, on the call.

The webinar is this week Thursday, at 10 a.m. PDT/1 p.m. EDT. Sign up here.

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