The votes are in.

Square Enix launched an online survey earlier this month, polling players of the first demo of the highly anticipated next title in its flagship role-playing game series, Final Fantasy XV. The exclusive Xbox One and PlayStation 4 teaser demo is part of an upgraded port of PlayStation Portable game Final Fantasy Type-0. According to a new video that reveals the survey results, it turns out that fans were more interested in the demo.

Among the information revealed in the Square Enix video special, nearly 80 percent bought Final Fantasy Type-0 to play the Final Fantasy XV demo. It’s not that Type-0 is bad — we thought it was great. It’s just that series fans have been waiting for years to finally get their hands on the next numbered game in the series. Excitement was high enough to have the demo selling on eBay for $30 or more.

Feedback will shape the final game

Those surveyed (Square Enix locked it to verified owners of a demo code) were able to rate various aspects of the demo with a number score (out of 10). Final Fantasy XV saw favorable marks, with North America giving the demo an overall score of 8.6 out of 10, and nearly a 9 out of 10 for both world design and graphical quality. The biggest beef was with the game’s controls, with the category seeing a 7.4 out of 10. The producer said that the combat system needed more work, especially in the targeting and game camera departments.

About 82 percent of North Americans said that they would buy the final game based on this demo.

Square Enix took the feedback from this survey and specifically addressed more than a dozen concerns in the video. In a new and surprising approach for the company, director Hajime Tataba says that it will use this feedback from its massive fanbase to improve the final game. These fixes will also be folded into a 2.0 update for the demo, set to release in May, which will let players test out the improvements ahead of the game’s official launch.