Google has launched the Developer Channel version of Chrome for Android, giving users an earlier glimpse into what the Internet giant has cooking for its mobile browser.

The Chrome Dev channel was already available on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Google’s own ChromeOS, and now it’s available to download from Google Play too. It’s where Google pushes new features and upgrades once they’ve graduated from the less stable “Canary” channel, which isn’t yet available on Android.

The idea is that users can have the main “stable” Chrome app installed on their phone or tablet, while simultaneously checking out the Dev version to see what’s coming up and even help out by reporting bugs.

Chrome Dev is updated “at least” once a week, and based on the feedback it receives, refinements are made and pushed out to the early-stage Beta version of Chrome on Android. This is a slightly more stable version of Dev, and is the precursor to features being given the final stamp of approval for the full release version of the browser.