The global gaming market will reach $91.5 billion this year, according to a report from research firm Newzoo. That is a 9.4 percent increase on last year. Within that mega-market, mobile gaming is the growing and changing at a rate never seen before.

To adapt quickly and win in an overly competitive market segment, you need fast insights based on reliable data.

Unsurprisingly, that’s exactly our goal for research at VB.

To help you out, we’re giving four new reports away for free to all GamesBeat Summit attendees, and an opportunity to gain more insight at half the usual price — in total a $1,395 value.

Here’s a quick overview of the reports you’ll get as a GamesBeat Summit attendee:

1. Mobile marketing automation

Android dollar money Palto shutterstockThe biggest mobile games and the most successful enterprises do things differently. Mobile marketing automation is how Subway Surfer improves monetization. It’s how Despicable Me engages deeper with its users. And it’s how Plants vs Zombies gets you back.

We surveyed 375 mobile developers with over 900 million monthly average users to find the best mobile marketing automation platforms. Then we analyzed 1.8 million apps and games in Google Play and the iOS app store, conducted 23 live interviews, and surveyed 21 MMA providers.

The result is the most complete report on mobile marketing automation available.

Author: John Koetsier
VentureBeat, LinkedIn, Twitter

2. Virtual and augmented reality: Who will win?

Samsung VR

We’ve come a long way since the days of the Sega VR and The Lawnmower Man. Virtual reality and augmented reality appear to be headed toward a mainstream audience for the first time.

With so many devices hitting the market between now and 2016, video games are the initial delivery platform that could lead to wide consumer adoption. A whole raft of new VR and AR products promise to deliver where others have failed, with both big brands and indie crowdfunded startups looking to capture their piece of the pie.

But how big is the pie in the first place? And who might be taking the biggest slice? Will it be a console-based product or an accessory for your smartphone that wins?

Author: Stewart Rogers
VentureBeat, Twitter

3. Mobile marketing bundle

mobile-vb-6001In this consolidated report, you’ll discover the most popular mobile analytics solutions, and what solutions winning mobile games developers use. You’ll find out what the most successful — and least successful — monetization strategies are, and which companies can help you win the day. In addition, using the latest data and insights, you’ll find out exactly what the most successful games developers do differently when acquiring users.

We’ve taken headline data from three of our extensive mobile studies and brought them together. And for GamesBeat Summit visitors, we’re including a 50% discount for those who want to dig deeper and get the full, comprehensive edition of each report.

Author: John Koetsier
VentureBeat, LinkedIn, Twitter

4. Video game industry influencers — who do you need to impress?

gamersIf you want to reach consumers, social media is one of the many marketing channels you may consider. And while most brands use social as a broadcast channel, the smartest engage with the audience, curate other people’s content, and make use of influencer marketing.

Talking about yourself is fine. But if others talk about you, it is much better.

With the help of data partner and influencer marketing platform Traackr, we look at the top bloggers, vloggers, gamers, and journalists in the gaming industry.

Author: Stewart Rogers
VentureBeat, Twitter

All reports are available for free for GamesBeat Summit attendees.

The focus of GamesBeat Summit is on bold ideas, the kind that will propel the industry forward, particularly in a global context. Limited to only 180 senior execs, we’re looking forward to the kind of open sharing that happens when like-minded visionaries come together.

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