Up until now only a few apps have been made for the Microsoft Band fitness tracker. One of them is PimpMyBand.

Actually that was a hack, and Microsoft had nothing to do with it. The app allows you to change the background colors on the Band. OK.

Today Microsoft released the full software development kit (SDK) for the Microsoft Health app, the companion app to the Band. So developers can now create legit apps for the Band.

A preview SDK had been available before, but apps created using that could not access all the features and sensors of the Band.

Developers will now be able to create new tiles on the Band’s interface where their apps will live. They’ll be able to create and send notifications to tiles.

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They’ll also be able to access the sensors in the Band, which include heart rate, ultraviolet light, accelerometer, gyroscope, and skin temperature.

For example, developers might use the SDK to create a new custom workout app for the Band. Users might keep track of their stats in Microsoft Health.

Apps created using the SDK can be marketed through the Windows, Android, or iOS app stores (The Band can sync Android and Apple phones, not just Windows phones). The apps will be subject to the standard review processes used by the respective app stores, Microsoft says.