It’s a new world where mobile games get ported to consoles.

Mistwalker Corporation announced that its mobile strategy role-playing game Terra Battle has passed 2 million downloads since its October 2014 release. The Tokyo-based developer best known for console role-playing games such as Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon confirms today that it is holding to its original promise for from its download starter campaign for this milestone to bring the game to consoles. Studio founder (and Final Fantasy series creator) Hironobu Sakaguchi says development on the console versions is currently underway, though specific platform details have yet to be noted.

The 2 million download mark was the top goal in Mistwalker’s download starter campaign (think Kickstarter for downloads instead of funds), so it is working on future milestone rewards. These rewards will be revealed at a later date.

Plans for the console version are likely in the earliest stages. Sakaguchi confessed that he had “absolutely no plans” for the console version in an interview with Polygon in March. He said that he wasn’t even certain that the game could meet the 2 million download milestone.

Sakaguchi told GamesBeat in an interview during the 2015 Game Developers Conference that while he had tried to create a much lighter game for the mobile space with Terra Battle, the team couldn’t help itself, and ended up building a game that could match a console role-playing game in scope and depth. He said that Mistwalker plans to expand the game even beyond this work, calling the thirty available chapters of the mobile title a sort of “part one” for Terra Battle, pointing to a second and maybe even third phase.

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