If you had plans to flop around the city of Los Santos as a whale this weekend, you’re out of luck.

Rockstar updated Grand Theft Auto V for PC yesterday, and that has killed support for ScriptHook V. This is important because ScripHook V is the base-level mod that enabled nearly every other used to work. Popular community-created modifications like the native trainer that help you turn into animals and the riot mod are broken, and they won’t work again until ScriptHook V gets an update. And that’s not going to happen immediately.

“Don’t expect [the update] soon,” ScriptHook V developer Alexander Blade wrote on GTAforums.com. “They have changed native hashes again. [I] wonder if this will be common for every patch.”

Basically, that’s technical speak for “Rockstar changed everything that ScriptHook V relied on.” The developer likely had to do this because many of these mods were enabling people to cheat in the Grand Theft Auto: Online mode. Playing against other gamers with superpowers can ruin any multiplayer mode, and it can also damage a game’s economy. That’s a problem for Rockstar since it makes money from the sale of in-game currency.

So, now we have to wait for an update on the modding side … or we don’t. You can work around this latest patch by rolling back your copy of GTA V to a backup of older files.

Warning: This is an unofficial workaround. You could lose save files, you could get banned from GTA: Online, or you could open a wormhole to a hell dimension. We’re not gonna take responsibility if something goes wrong.

Here’s how to get mods working:

  1. Download the old files here.
  2. Extract the folder.
  3. Copy all three files including the “Update” folder.
  4. Open Steam.
  5. Find Grand Theft Auto V in your Steam library.
  6. Right click on the GTA V and hit “Properties.”
  7. Click on the “Local Files” tab and then click “Browse Local Files.”
  8. In the Windows Explorer tab that opens, check to make sure you see the GTA5.exe file, and then paste the files you copied.
  9. Agree to replace the destination files.
  10. Boot up GTA V, and you’re good to go.