The fathers of electronic music, Germany’s Kraftwerk, are returning to the U.S. with their 3D audio-visual performance this fall.

The tour starts in Utrecht, the Netherlands on July 3, and arrives in the U.S. with a September 19th show in Portland, Oregon.

In selected cities like Austin, Boston, and Miami, the show will be a full 3D extravaganza complete with the little cardboard glasses. It’s an excellent chance for people who missed this high-tech show the first time around to see how electronic music, digital effects, and 3D displays converge.

In the show last year at Oakland’s Fox Theater, I saw the Autobahn leave the big screen in front of me and extend out into the crowd, Volkswagens and Mercedes whizzing by my head.

Kraftwerk began as an obscure experimental art project in the 1970s, then morphed quickly into the first and best musical chroniclers of the personal computing revolution in the early 1980s.

The sounds created by the group — starting with huge, room-filling analog synthesizers, and later using home-made synthesizers — have been sampled and copied by thousands of rap, rock, and electronica acts over the years. Kraftwerk is widely credited with fathering the electronic genre.

So Kraftwerk concerts are in some sense historical events, and every Kraftwerk tour could be the last.

Tickets go on sale May 8.

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