The big keynote at Microsoft’s enterprise-oriented Ignite conference in Chicago this week happened yesterday, but that isn’t stopping Microsoft from making announcements outside the keynote. Today, Microsoft unveiled new cloud-networking capabilities, including a new service for domain hosting called Azure DNS.

“Azure DNS is a new service to host DNS domains and provides name resolution using Microsoft’s global infrastructure,” Yousef Khalidi, an engineer working on networking for Microsoft’s Azure public cloud, wrote in a blog post today.

“By hosting your domains in Azure, you can manage your DNS records using the same credentials, APIs, tools and billing as your other Azure services. Azure DNS uses anycast networking, so that each DNS query is answered by the closest available DNS server. Azure DNS is also backed by a global footprint of DNS origin servers, providing you robust performance and fast query times.”

The feature is available today in public preview, with a 50 percent discount, Khalidi wrote. The first 25 hosted DNS zones cost 25 cents per zone per month, and the first billion DNS queries cost 20 cents per million.

The rollout comes almost five years after market-leading public cloud Amazon Web Services announced Route 53, its domain name system (DNS) service. Google announced its DNS service, Cloud DNS, in March 2014. Google and Amazon’s services use anycast networking, just like the new Azure service.

The announcement went largely unnoticed today after being announced in a talk, but it did elicit some positive response on Twitter:

Step by step, Microsoft has been adding features to its public cloud as it competes with Google, Amazon, and other cloud providers. Today’s news falls right in with that.

Microsoft today also announced a premium tier of its ExpressRoute service to give companies direct connectivity to Azure, as well as a standard virtual private network (VPN) gateway, which can function as an ExpressRoute backup.