CloudGenix, a Silicon Valley startup with software for managing networks across multiple data centers, today announced a $25 million funding round, which allows the startup to spend more on sales and product development.

CloudGenix came out of stealth mode in April 2014. A competitor, Viptela, came out of stealth mode within a few weeks, working with a $33 million funding round from Sequoia Capital. Now CloudGenix has pulled in more money.

Several other startups have targeted the software-defined networking software market, but many of them have focused on communications inside of a single data center — and have ended up getting acquired. (Consider VMware with Nicira, Juniper with Contrail, Cisco with Embrane, Docker with Socketplane.) CloudGenix and Viptela are concerned with the flow of information to and from data centers and field offices.

CloudGenix determines what to do with traffic flows based on the needs of applications in order to meet service-level agreements for customers. Bandwidth plays a factor as well.

Bain Capital Ventures led the new round in CloudGenix. Charles River Ventures and the Mayfield Fund also participated. To date the startup has raised $34 million.

CloudGenix started in 2013 and is based in Santa Clara, California.

CloudGenix’s website includes statements from executives at Coca-Cola and Columbia Sportswear.

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