You may run into some problems playing your PC games today.

Steam is down for many gamers on PC today. We’ve reached out to Valve to ask what is happening, but the Steam Status website confirms that the store and community parts of the service are not working. Many gamers have also taken to social networks to complain about the inability to get online with Steam. This is not affecting every game and every person the same. The intermittent outage is primarily keeping the store from loading, but it’s also causing issues for games that rely on Steam servers. That includes the multiplayer online battle arena Dota 2 and team shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

In addition to those Valve games, anything that uses the Steam Web API may also encounter errors.

It’s not just games. Loading certain Steam webpages will return an error:


Steam is the primary gaming portal for all of PC gaming. It is responsible for the majority of game sales for Windows and Mac platforms, and it routinely deals with heavy traffic loads.

On a daily basis, Steam can regularly host more than 6 million individual connections with players around the world — and the service rarely runs into any real problems. But, just like everything else on the Web, it is not immune to outages.