Update 6/1/2015: The Witcher 3 is now live and released. Surprisingly preorder deals have held up and some strong discounts are available below at select retailers. We’ve updated pricing accordingly. Original article below.


The competitive pre-order price war continues as several gaming retailers push for your purchasing dollars on The Witcher 3 before its May 19th release date. So much so that one retailer in particular are offering price breaks at essentially 40% off: UK’s GMG and France’s DLGamer. Both are selling DRM-Free copies redeemed on GOG.com.

Top Witcher 3 Deals

Update: GMG’s discount to 30% off is a limited time offer that began yesterday and ends tomorrow (5/15) at 10am Pacific. (Code has now been extended). The offer from DLGamer has no known expiration date but we suspect will expire soon.

Preorder Deals

While GMG and DLGamer might be our top picks on where to buy the Witcher 3 for the PC, there are other decent options depending on your region. Germany-based retailer GamesRocket is priced at $43.95 which is almost as cheap as the ones listed above. GOG, Steam, and Origin are all $53.99 which is 10% off the $59.99 list price but can be an option if you have credit at either of these major retailers.

These PC options are pre-order offers that will run up until the games May 19th release. After that date expect to pay full price. All of them should also have pre-load available so you can get started as early as Monday night.

Console Deals

Looking to buy the game on your Xbox One or PS4 console? Unfortunately discounts aren’t going to happen prior to the games release, but at least two retailers have bonuses to give out. Best Buy will toss in a bonus $10 in “My Best Buy Rewards” while the Microsoft Store will give you a $10 Xbox Gift card. Both offer free shipping.

Witcher 1 & 2 Deals

Of course if you haven’t played through the Witcher 1 or 2 on PC they’re cheap right now at GOG. A whooping 85% off in fact making The Witcher 2 only $2.99 (normally $19.99) and The Witcher Enhanced only $1.49 (normally $9.99).