One company is hoping to help make game development easier.

Beefjack formed in London back in 2008, and its team consisted of developers with experience at famous studios like Sega and Sony. And now the company is opening two new divisions that will help developers of mobile, web, PC, and console releases, according to gaming-business publication

Beefjack Create will help small game designers run their business without the normal stresses of opening a studio. Beefjack: The Game Agency will help companies with marketing games and building advertising campaigns. This can lead to a larger user acquisition, which is a key for any game hoping to make money. That’s especially true in mobile games, where the most money is made with in-game purchases.

“Over the years, we’ve built games and campaigns for the National Lottery, LV, Cadbury and The X-Factor,” Beefjack told GamesIndustry. “We’ve also made a range of genuinely interesting indie games for individuals looking to make their break in the industry.”