Dropbox, already a pretty popular tool for designers, is updating its site this week with a couple of features for — you guessed it — designers.

“Over the next few days,” Dropbox warned us, the company will roll out three features: support for .Eps files; an update to the site’s image previewer, which lets users zoom and pan around designs; and “crisper than ever” renderings of .Psd, .Ai, and .Svg files.

The features aren’t game-changing in any way — they’re basic updates that would’ve been nice to have from the start. But there are a few interesting things going on here. For one, Dropbox acquired Pixelapse, a GitHub-for-designers, back in January. Maybe this release is the first update to come out of that deal? In an email, Dropbox declined to confirm my hunch.

Second, Dropbox already has some advantages over competing design-centric services (Dropbox is ubiquitous). This update could make Dropbox even more competitive against the likes of Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

A design focus could also lead creative types away from Box.com and Google Drive, two of Dropbox’s most prominent competitors.

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In any event, designers should find the features handy — once they roll out.