Gondola aims to change the way games handle monetization through community participation.

Dynamic pricing technology company Gondola launches Liftpass, an open-source platform for in-app goods pricing, today as a beta release. It lets game developers manage and track the pricing of virtual goods on their own servers, with SDKs for iOS, Android, and Unity, all free of charge. This allows creators to test pricing for freemium mobile games across multiple player types, letting publishers maximize monetization in the competitive $30 billion mobile games market.

Liftpass lets game developers customize pricing of in-app purchases with tools that lets them test multiple changes against player behavior and response, with all usage going toward improving platform. Gondola says that thousands of prices can be tested simultaneously, allowing insights into the effect of changes on in-game progression and player lifetime value. Liftpass allows developers to fully integrate with other solutions, including Gondola’s own Dynamic Pricing Engine.

“Developers have always been cautious about changing the prices of virtual goods and IAPs after the initial launch of their game,” said Andre Cohen, the cofounder and CTO of Gondola, in a statement. “Liftpass is the perfect solution for anyone who has ever wondered about the impact of pricing on the game experience for players. By providing a ready-to-go price management infrastructure to the game developer community, we hope to encourage more developers to participate in championing against the dated one-price-fits-all model.”

The Liftpass API will be available here.