With its new mobile kit, e-commerce checkout platform Shopify is giving developers the ability to add one-touch payment options like Apple Pay to their iOS apps.

Called Mobile Buy SDK, the new kit connects directly with Shopify to process payments. Developers then have the option of letting users pay for their purchase with Apple Pay or a credit card.

“For advanced users, the Mobile Buy SDK gives you access to the broad set of e-commerce APIs provided by Shopify like product lists, cart management, and checkout. This lets you build a more native e-commerce experience into your app,” the company wrote in a blog post.

The Mobile Buy SDK for Android is expected to launch this summer.

Shopify pitches itself as a platform that enables independent merchants to sell merchandise on their own site. The new SDK essentially allows merchants to add a commerce component without a long checkout process.

Though mobile presents merchants with a great opportunity, it throws up hurdles when it comes to capitalizing on a captive smartphone audience. One of those barriers is shopping cart abandonment, a phenomenon largely created by forcing people to enter lots of personal information about themselves into a tiny handheld screen.

Technology like Apple Pay and other one-touch payment options like Amazon’s “buy” button are largely considered to be the remedy to shopping cart abandonment on mobile. The new SDK comes just days ahead of the company’s expected IPO.