Well, it’s nice to see the Kinect being used for something.

A Chinese company, Beijing Trainsfer Technology Development, is using the Windows version of the motion-sensing device to create a system that lets people control water fountains with arm and leg movements, as you can see in the video below.

Microsoft’s motion-sensing camera was originally marketed as an integral part of the Xbox One experience. However, after sluggish sales, Microsoft dropped the camera as a requirement for the console, and it seems these days that fewer games are bothering to integrate motion controls. However, the Windows version of the device is seeing use outside of gaming.

“Our product would not exist without Kinect technology,” says Hui Wang, general manager of Trainsfer, on a post for Kinect for Window’s blog. “It has enabled us to create a revolutionary product for the eruptive fountain industry.”

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The “eruptive fountain industry?” Forget video games — I want to write for a site about that market.