Text-to-video production startup Wibbitz announced an $8 million series B raise today. NantMobile led the round, putting in $6 million to expand Wibbitz’s video platform.

Wibbitz takes text-based articles from publishers and generates video content using the publisher’s pictures, video clips, or licensed content. Then, by analyzing the written piece and its tone, the company lays out a script to be narrated by a human voice.

“High-quality video content is no longer a luxury for publishers — it’s a necessity,” said Zohar Dayan, cofounder and CEO of Wibbitz, as video content becomes increasingly popular, not only for advertisers, but also for most of the Web. “Newsrooms are shrinking, video production remains costly, and there is huge demand for video ad placement.”

NantMobile is not new to this type of content-recognition software. In late 2014, the company raised $50 million to expand its Amazon Firefly-like content-identifying app.