He has a very particular set of skills, and those include getting you to download phone games.

You probably trust Liam Neeson, star of Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace and the Taken series, according to the Nielsen Corporation (via AP). The company, which typically tracks television ratings, has just introduced its new N-Score system that keeps tabs on how likable and influential a celebrity is in advertisements. And Neeson, who is the central figure in the latest television ad campaign for developer Supercell’s megapopular mobile game Clash of Clans, topped Nielsen’s list. He and former James Bond Pierce Brosnan both had a 94, but the company pointed out that Neeson has more influence when it comes to selling products.

Of Americans who are aware of Neeson, 78 percent view him favorably. I’m just going to assume that he’ll deal with the other 22 percent soon.

This is good news for Supercell. The company has had the top-grossing iOS and Android game since 2012, and it’s always working to bring in new players to keep it that way. That led to the company spending around $9 million to buy a minute of commercial airtime during the Super Bowl earlier this year. That doesn’t include whatever Supercell paid for the production of the ad or Neeson’s fee.

Since debuting on Feb. 1, people have watched Neeson’s Clash of Clans ad nearly 54 million times. That’s more than any other Super Bowl commercial. The spot also earned second place in a YouTube competition that invited viewers to vote on their favorite ad from the NFL championship event.

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