A Sony internal group turns indie publisher.

Loot Interactive establishes itself as an independent games publisher as of today, with three new games debuting at this year’s E3 Expo. The Culver City, Calif.-based studio was formerly known as Loot Entertaiment, and had developed goods and apps for PlayStation Home, NHL, NBA, MLB, and others. It now sets out on its own with new titles for broader platforms, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita, targeting this summer for its first releases.

Loot wants to create and publish memorable indie games that set themselves part with unique gameplay, and cofounder and managing director David Sterling says that the company is ready to declare its independence as an indie game publisher.

Whispering Willows is a 2D horror-themed adventure with hand-painted artwork, developed by NightLight Interactive. Puzzle game Back to Bed follows a sleepwalker through a dream world inspired by art from M.C. Escher and Salvador Dali. And Shawn Beck Games’ Velocibox is an endless runner with an “increasingly diabolical obstacle course.”

All three Summer releases will come to all of the current PlayStation platforms. Hands-on demonstrations will take place at E3 in the IndieCade Pavillion.