The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is big news right now — it’s officially the most successful game launch of 2015 in the U.K., and sales figures will likely soon confirm the same in the U.S..

When I visited developer CD Projekt Red’s Warsaw studio in Poland late last year, the team told me how great some of the fan-made Witcher cosplay was. And boy, were they right.

So in honor of all things Witcher, I’ve pulled together a gallery of some of the finest current examples of Witcher cosplay, which take in key characters from the current game, such as Geralt, Ciri, Triss, and Yennefer, along with a couple of surprises.

One of the the most unlikely images is a member of the Wild Hunt with a slightly out-of-place feline — as tweeted out by CD Projekt Red lead writer Marcin Blacha the night before The Witcher 3 launched.

Turns out that some cats just can’t stay away from cosplay shoots, no matter how scary the costume. “Morris the cat is my friend’s pet,” the Russian cosplayer Alberti told me, “and he just loves to have his pictures taken. He wasn’t afraid at all and constantly was under our feet during the photo session, and as a result, got his picture taken.”

You can see Morris in less scary company here.

With thanks and credit to VirdaSeitr, Alberti, TegorinCynShenzi, MagiaWody07, Elias Gubbels Photography, Shappi WorkshopGalina Zhukovskaia, Makar Vinogradov PhotographyVera Green,, and Elena Nerium Oleander.