Tidal, Jay Z’s answer to Spotify, has received a lot of grief since it launched in March with a cast of celebrity co-owners. Unable to control ourselves, we’ve weighed in on the topic repeatedly.

But today’s a big day for Tidal, so let’s hear them out: The hi-fi streaming company is launching on the desktop (in beta for Windows and Mac) for the first time. Previously Tidal was only available via the Web and on mobile — that’s one sticking point solved.

Tidal also announced a 50 percent discount for students today, launching next week. The change effectively cuts Tidal’s price range from $10-$20 to $5-$10 for anyone with a .edu email address. That solves another sticking point … sort of. Tidal’s high prices — relative to Spotify and Rdio — have frustrated many. We’ll go ahead and consider this Tidal’s millennial strategy.

There’s one last bit of news here: Tidal also announced a deal with Ticketmaster today, enabling its users to buy concert tickets in the app — a feature no longer available to Spotify users. This isn’t the first time Ticketmaster owner Live Nation has partnered with Jay Z.

Tidal's new Mac desktop app

Above: Tidal’s new Mac desktop app

Tidal still faces an uphill battle, despite its unrivaled connections. The service faces criticism from musicians and users alike for its focus on major label artists over indies. Tidal’s derivative design and stance on ad-supported streaming has also served as ammunition for critics.

In April, Jay Z responded to early criticism, saying “We are here for the long haul … please give us a chance to grow and get better.”

We’re standing by for more, Jay.