Skype today updated its Click to Call plugin, which lets you use Skype to make calls to phone numbers, with a new “Call from mobile” beta feature. Launching on Android first, “Call from mobile” lets you send phone numbers from your desktop browser straight to Skype on your phone.

From there, you can immediately call the number using Skype for Android, or save it and call later. Skype Click to Call still automatically highlights phone numbers as you browse the Web, but now you can use Skype on your phone to make the call.

Skype says the feature will arrive on other operating systems “in the future.” It didn’t share, however, which platforms and when.


To give it a try, install the Click to Call plug-in on your desktop, search for a phone number on the Web, and select “Call from mobile.” Keep in mind that Skype needs to be running on your Android device for this to work.

Skype gives an example of when this feature could be useful:

Imagine you’re tracking a parcel on your computer and you need to call the delivery company. Simply find their number online, which Skype Click to Call will have highlighted for you, then select Call from mobile and the number will be sent to Skype on your mobile. Just pick up your mobile, swipe and start the call without ever having to type in any numbers.

In reality, this is great for any scenario when you want to copy and paste a phone number from your computer to your smartphone. Skype says most local calls will be free, even on your mobile device.

Unfortunately, this feature is Skype-only. It doesn’t let you call the number using your mobile plan. We understand that Skype wants to keep you in its ecosystem, but having that as an option would be very useful. Send the phone number to your phone, and then use Skype on your phone, or just your phone, to make the call.