Power users of AdWords now have more flexibility in their manager accounts.

Today, Google announced on its AdWords blog that it is pumping up its manager accounts, making it easier for super-users to handle multiple accounts.

Enhancements include cross-account campaign management, additional reporting, and streamlined navigation.

An AdWords manager account is an umbrella account for keeping tabs on other AdWords accounts — either individual accounts or other manager ones. Google has been furiously upgrading its AdWords and entire advertising ecosystem in the face of challenges from mobile startups, Facebook, and others.

AdWords manager account

Above: A new campaign management screen in AdWords’ manager accounts.

Image Credit: Google AdWords

Users have been able to conduct campaigns in individual accounts, of course, but now there’s a single view of the campaigns in the manager’s account for up to 20 accounts. New cross-account campaign capabilities include adding columns, applying segments to visitors, performance reporting through filters, tweaking daily budgets, and creating or pausing campaigns.

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Data in the manager’s account is now as up-to-date as in individual ones. And there are more ways to compare data across dates, performance, conversion rates, networks, click types, or devices.

In Google’s announcement, online marketplace Kaymu noted it has more than 90 individual AdWords accounts, so a newly enhanced manager account “saves us countless hours.”