Developer Mojang is working to improve your multitasking capabilities in Minecraft.

The block-building game may soon get dual-wielding, which means that players can hold something like a weapon in one hand and a torch in another. Developer Nathan Adams, who works on the PC version of Minecraft, said on Twitter┬áthat he’s figured out how he wants it to work. Now, he has to actually write the code.

Adams shared the renders he made that shows what he is aiming for. Take a look:

minecraft dw1

This will enable people to do more than one thing at once. You no longer have to unequip your sword to place a use a torch, for example.

“The way I want dual-wielding to work is that it uses the right-click action of your off-hand item if your main-hand doesn’t have its own,” Adams wrote on Twitter.

But don’t expect this feature to show up in a patch in the next day or two.

“I unfortunately forgot how difficult our ‘use item’ code is, though, so this may be tricky,” he went on to say.

minecraft dw2

As always, these kinds of updates should start on the PC version. Later, the developer will work with Microsoft (which owns Minecraft and Mojang) to filter out these improvements to the console and smartphone versions.