For a long time, gaming was primarily about consuming. But as Minecraft continues to rise in popularity, more people are looking to use games as a way to empower players to create. And one of the more interesting examples of that is now on iPad.

Wunderverse is a new iPad app launching today from developer Wunderverse Interactive. It is a story-creation tool for creators age 12 and over. The game enables players to make pen-and-paper-like role-playing worlds while simultaneously forging a story that they can share with others. It doesn’t require any programming skills. Wunderverse is available on the iOS App Store for $4.

scrn_001“The story adventures that we loved as kids really motivated and guided the creation of Wunderverse,” founder Shawn McKee told GamesBeat. “One of the best ways to relive some of that wonder is to be able to sit down and imagine your own stories.”

To make sure people can fully express themselves, Wunderverse’s story-builder has over 70 events, outcomes, and conditions. And you can set up obstacles and challenges for your friends to overcome as they play.

“We have big plans for Wunderverse with more story-building features, real-time multiplayer exploration, and our own line of interactive adventures already in the works,” McKee said. “This first version is hopefully just the beginning.”

In addition to the 70 events, players can set their stories in one of six times. Those include medieval times, the post-apocalypse, or ’40s crime noir.

“We’ve put a lot of work into designing Wunderverse, and we hope it becomes a new, inspiring take on game night,” McKee said. “Something really special happens when you sit down and start imagining your own worlds, and we’re excited to offer this new environment where people can not only explore fantastic adventures, they can create and share them, too.”