Splatoon for Wii U is one of the best new Nintendo games in years, and now PC gamers get to try it out, too … kind of.

YouTuber SethBling has a created a playable version of Nintendo’s riotous shooter for the popular block-building game Minecraft. It lets two teams of four (or more), armed with a variety of paint-splatting weapons, go head-to-head in a fight to paint the floor of an arena. Players can even turn into a squid to refill their ink and move faster, just like the real thing.

It’ll be interesting to see how Nintendo reacts to this mod, given the gaming giant’s notoriously protective approach to its intellectual property. Nintendo only allows YouTube channels to share its content as part of a partner program, which splits advertising revenue between the content maker and Nintendo on a limited range of titles. It also recently shut down a fan-made project to create an HD version of Super Mario 64.

For now, though, you can download the Splatoon Minecraft world from SethBling’s website and get splatting.