MarketOne, a provider of demand generation services, is partnering with data integration vendor Scribe Software to provide its customers enhanced business intelligence.

The new agreement enables customers to aggregate data from marketing automation and other enterprise data sources, enrich the data, and load it into MarketOne’s analytics tool. The process is enabled by Scribe Online, an integration platform as a service (iPaaS).

We found in our recent report on marketing automation that CRM remains the primary customer data repository for most, although marketing automation is surprisingly prevalent as the primary database. Regardless of which is primary, customer data exists in many more places both on-premise and in the cloud. As a result, most marketers struggle to leverage this potentially very valuable data.


Without consolidated data, marketers have limited visibility into their marketing and sales funnel. That makes it difficult to accurately measure acquisition rates, sources, customer path, and growth.

In fact, we’ve found that unifying customer data is the No. 1 need for increasing marketing automation ROI.


Today’s partnership aims to address this challenge by providing MarketOne clients with data insight they have not previously had.

Accurate data tops marketer’s needs not just for insight, but also for key priorities like attribution, predictive analytics, and personalization.