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It’s an understatement to say that marketing has changed. Digital technologies have transformed targeting, data, measurement, personalization, and of course, the impact on audiences and results.

In other words, it’s now possible to be dramatically more relevant to customers (and potential customers) than it was when advertisers simply bought the best mix of media and hoped to sway the right audience with enough reach and frequency.

Achieving this relevancy across touchpoints requires technology, and marketing automation is one of the key tools in that tech toolbox. Yet, only 5 percent of businesses are currently using this technology.

Considering the outsized leads, conversions, and revenues these businesses achieve through marketing automation, the low adoption rate might be surprising. But when you consider the multitude of choices available — there are more than 200 vendors competing in the marketing automation space — confusion sets in quickly, and it’s easy to see how it can become easier to stay the course than jumping in to the unknown.

That’s exactly why VB Insight undertook exhaustive research into marketing automation tools, including data form 243 marketing automation users and details on features, pricing, and services on 24 of the top vendors.

And while the full report is 130 pages long, this one-hour webinar will give you the most essential takeaways for free — from the different functionality offered among MAPs, the types of MAPs best suited for different types and sizes of companies, defining exactly what tasks should be automated, B2B versus B2C considerations, as well as VB’s best bets!

VB Insight Analyst Andrew Jones will be sharing the research results, and joining him will be Jory Des Jardins, SVP, Strategic Global Alliances; SheKnows Media /BlogHer and Britta Meyer, CMO at. WageWorks. Together, they’ll be weighing in on their own experiences and successes with marketing automation using real-world examples.

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What you’ll learn:

What marketing automation is and what it can do

Best vendors for your type of business

The challenges to avoid

The best tactics to maximize ROI


Andrew Jones, VB Insight analyst; VentureBeat
Jory Des Jardins, Senior Vice President, Strategic Global Alliances; SheKnows Media /BlogHer
Britta Meyer, Chief Marketing Officer; WageWorks

This webinar is made possible in part by the support of Autopilot. All research was conducted in advance and entirely independent.