After neglecting Android for years, Adobe suddenly unleashed a flood of new apps into the Google Play store this afternoon.

Starting today, Android fans can download Photoshop Mix, Brush CC, Color CC, and Shape CC — all of which already existed on iOS for some time.

The reason for the delayed Android launch is a bit complicated. Adobe hasn’t ever provided an official explanation for ignoring the platform, but the company did issue a half-apology for letting its Android apps languish over the past years. We have a hunch that Apple’s generically design-centric audience and small variety of devices (fragmentation) played a role in Adobe’s decision to prioritize iOS.

In any event, Adobe is sort of turning things around. The company’s new Android apps have arrived ahead of schedule (Adobe promised “early summer”). But does this mean Adobe will prioritize Android going forward? We’ll see. The company may still continue to launch new services and features on iOS first, torturing creatives — well, the handful of creatives that actually like Android — to no end.