You want to get in on the Street Fighter V beta? Well, you better get some preorder cash together soon.

Capcom announced that the public beta for Street Fighter V is going to be a three-phase program, with the first launching July 23 to those that have preordered the PlayStation 4 version of the game. We didn’t learn anything about the other two tonight at Sony’s briefing at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.

One of the things players will likely be testing, other than character balancing and the game’s V-system, is likely the developer’s proprietary Kagemusha netcode. Information on this during my Street Fighter V playtest last week was brief, but the words “rollback netcode” were definitely used.

Explaining the theory as simple as possible, rollback netcode is a style of lag suppression that tracks how a player responds in certain situations. Then when a significant lag spike hits the game, the netcode makes an educated guess as to what the players’ next move was going to be. If it guessed right, the game proceeds without anyone being the wiser. If the guess is wrong, it “rolls” the game “back” a few frames to the point where the guess was made and has the players resume from there. GGPO popularized this solution for fighting games several years ago.

Hopefully, this three-phase test plan will help Capcom perfect its version of rollback netcode.