Updated at 9:27 p.m. Pacific time to show timing for Tavern Brawl rollout.

It looks like we’ll all know when we can pile on each other in Hearthstone’s Tavern Brawl mode soon — and according to a tweet from a Blizzard PR spokesperson tonight, it’s appearing somewhere on Wednesday.

Earlier today, a Blizzard community manager tweeted that the publisher will soon share when the new free mode is coming to the hit digital card game. It’s the first true free content that the game has received since its launch last year, and such updates are vital for a game to continue succeeding in the $30 billion mobile market.

Hearthstone could be feeling some heat soon for a new competitor. Last night, Bethesda announced its The Elder Scrolls: Legends card game for PCs and mobile.

Tavern Brawl is a new head-to-head mode that challenges players to outwit opponents in special matches. Blizzard explains that Tavern Brawl will either give you odd, premade decks to play with or require you to build you own decks that match “surprising guidelines.” This introduces a bit of spice that may keep high-level players entertained if they start growing tired of the traditional battle and Arena modes.

The Tavern Brawl will only unlock once you have a level 20 hero, and it runs every Wednesday to Sunday. That means each week, starting on Wednesday, players can check into the Tavern Brawl to see what new challenges await. Once it’s live, of course.