LOS ANGELES — We know Fable Legends is going to be special in one way — it will be one of the handful of games that enable console and PC gamers to play together.

Microsoft this morning showed off more on Fable Legends, a free-to-play game set in the Fable universe. It’s cross-platform, with players in Windows 10 PC versions of the game playing with (or against) those on the Xbox One video game console. It’s one of several instances we saw at its Electronic Entertainment Expo briefing this morning of Windows 10 and Xbox One working together.

The company still didn’t say when the 4-vs-1 action role-playing game will arrive, but it showed a new trailer of the fairy-tale setting of the game.

“Games like Fable Legends show commitment” to interoperability of Microsoft platforms, said Kudo Tsunoda, a general manager at Microsoft Studios.

Windows 10 players can play with friends on Xbox One. Anything you buy in one version works in the other, said Tsunoda.

Meanwhile, Tsunoda said that Microsoft is teaming up with Valve in virtual reality.