Star Wars: The Old Republic gets back on track.

The creators of Star Wars’ massive role-playing game admit that they’ve got a bit off track from the story path in the last few years, with too much focus on the online multiplayer aspect of the game. But players say that they want more story, and BioWare aims to answer with its latest digital expansion for the MMO, Knights of the Fallen Empire. This large, story-focused chapter is free to all subscribers and launches this October. It debuts with the first nine chapter episodes, with new ones following regularly.

Fallen Empire focuses on a personal story arc for the player, playing as a veteran of the Great Galactic War, up against a new enemy: Emperor of the Eternal Throne. It begins with a kidnapping, where the player is locked in carbonite, and friends are in a similar position as everyone is under the emperor’s rule. Players work to escape and figure out how to defeat this new foe. New companions complement this story, and player choice shapes the outcome.

BioWare aims to thank and reward loyal players that have followed the MMO since its December 2011 debut with content that fulfills Star Wars fantasies in what they’re calling the game’s biggest expansion ever. As it’s aimed at veteran players, it begins at level 60 and raises the level cap to 65. The expansion also includes a free level 60 character for those that aren’t up to par yet but want to get into the new content.

At a pre-E3 presentation, BioWare said that Knights of the Fallen Empire is an expansion for its players and a love letter to them. They called it a “thank you” for all the players have done for them over the years.

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