LOS ANGELES — Spurred by Activision’s Guitar Hero Live or not, Ubisoft is launching a music streaming service to go with its Just Dance 2016.

The dance game comes out every year, and it has sold tens of millions of units. But this version of Ubisoft’s Just Dance will deliver a new service, Just Dance Unlimited, for players on the Wii U, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The publisher made the announcement today during its Electronic Entertainment Expo press briefing.

Just Dance 2014 comes out in October. Its streaming service is similar to that of Guitar Hero Live, which is also using music in the cloud to enable players to get more songs that they like for a music game that they purchase.

The service will allow players to download their own songs to go with Just Dance 2016, the dance game where you mimic movements as accurately as possible and compete with others.