Updated on 7:50 p.m. Pacific with information from Frontier Developments’ press email — Ed.

Awake your inner tycoons — we need them once more.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo’s 2015 PC Gaming Show played host to the announcement of theme park simulator Planet Coaster and its debut trailer. The simulator comes from Frontier Developments, makers of the space-trading simulator Elite: Dangerous.

Originally revealed as “Coaster Park Tycoon” back in January, we didn’t learn much about the game from the trailer, other than its subtitle promises “Simulation Evolved.” If the debut is any indication, you will (as Roller Coaster god) drop a walkway on a bored hipster in a field until he gets trampled and becomes friends with a person in a dinosaur suit.

According to a separately released press email, Planet Coaster puts a premium on player creativity and connectivity. Theme park attractions, crowds, and even management reflect the way a player creates and maintains their individual entertainment destinations. You can then share these destinations in a “global village” of player-generated content.

“Tycoon games and coaster park simulations in particular are as much part of Frontier’s DNA as space games,” Frontier chief creative officer Jonny Watts said. “Planet Coaster brings our sky-high production values and cutting-edge tech to bear on the Tycoon genre we so love, and we are looking forward to engaging with another passionate community of players as we develop Planet Coaster.”

Planet Coaster is planned for release on PC sometime next year.

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