PC gamers are going to get one of the most intriguing games coming out for the PlayStation 4 — No Man’s Sky, and it’s coming out on both platforms on the same day.

Hello Games cofounder Sean Murray made the announcement about his studio’s galaxy-sized sandbox game during the PC Gaming Show at the Electronic Entertainment Expo tradeshow this evening. The news closed the show, the first-ever PC-centric event at E3.

No Man’s Sky has players exploring a massive, procedurally generated galaxy. Murray showed off a little more gameplay at Sony’s E3 event Monday evening, which involved both a space battle and a quick exploration of a planet. He catalogued some fish, blew up a rock, and dubbed the world “Planet E3.”

Murray had no news on when the game would be dropping for PlayStation 4 and PC (“We were actually going to announce a release date at E3 2015, but for reasons we can’t”), but he said one is coming “soon.” Here’s hoping we get that crucial bit of data at the Gamescom show in August.