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The connected age is here and change is happening faster than anyone anticipated. Connected homes? Self-driving cars? Delivery by drone? Nanobots embedded in our bodies that will deliver medications more effectively than any pill?

There’s likely not an industry on the planet that won’t be affected in some way or other.

As smart devices pack more powerful processors and sensors, and robotics and drones become ubiquitous, cognitive and connected technologies will affect manufacturing, logistics, transportation, retail, marketing, and more.

What does the Internet of Everything mean for accelerated processes? For security? For data and forecasting? And what are the biggest areas of our society that will be impacted?

This is the time leaders need to be ramping up and educating themselves about the potential of machine learning — and the impact on the future growth of their companies. Those who will succeed in this new era will see that it’s not about just keeping up with these disruptive technologies, but about embracing change and its opportunity.

Still, there are risks and learnings that can’t be ignored. In this revealing webinar, experts on the leading edge of cognitive technologies will explore what it means to organizations and how to balance the benefits of device intelligence with associated risks.

How can device intelligence add value to your organization? How can you balance the benefits of device intelligence with associated risks?

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What you’ll learn: 

  • How you can drive innovations and create new business opportunities through these technologies
  • The ways cognitive technologies can help businesses drive revenue in unexpected — and uncharted – ways
  • How to balance the benefits of device intelligence and user privacy
  • The scoop on why on-device intelligence will be key in the new era of smart connected things
  • The role of cognitive technologies and biometrics on securing your organization’s critical devices


Maged Zaki Director of Technical Marketing, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
Jim McGregor
Principal analyst and founder, TIRIAS Research
Russ Fadel
President and General Manager; ThingWorx
Chris Clayton Senior vice president, business development; ColdLight

This webinar is sponsored by Qualcomm Technologies.