Startup Docker is starting to give developers access to the latest features of its trendy open-source container technology, in new experimental releases of the software.

“If you’re familiar with the Chrome Canary release, it’s the same thing,” said Docker cofounder and chief technology officer Solomon Hykes at the DockerCon conference in San Francisco today. There’s also some resemblance to Mozilla’s Firefox Nightly browser releases, Microsoft’s Windows Insider program, and Google’s Chrome OS operating system.

But Docker’s new experimental releases are updated every day — they’re “not some development branch,” Hykes said.

Networking and storage volume plugins are the first components to be tested out in the experimental releases, which follow a continuous-integration process, Docker senior engineering manager Arnaud Porterie wrote in a blog post on the new releases.

“From an open-source perspective, the very nature of experimental features also makes it important that reverting always remains an option,” Porterie wrote. “Reverting could become challenging if subsequent patches are built on top of experimental code.”

You can find the Docker experimental release at

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