Google today updated Google Calendar for iPhone with a slew of new features and improvements. You can download the new version now directly from Apple’s App Store.

First and foremost, if you’re getting a feeling of déjà vu, it’s because Google Calendar for iPhone launched in March. This was a month after the Android version was updated — some of those same features are only now arriving on iPhone.

The app has gained a 7-day week view. Whether you’re a workaholic or actually plan events for the weekend, this long-time-coming feature will be useful.


Next up, the app now supports interactive notifications on the iPhone. This means when you get notified about an upcoming event, you can now email guests and view maps with just one tap.

Lastly, you can finally add Google Drive files (including Docs, Sheets, Slides, pictures, and PDFs) to events. Best of all, the service will check if everyone you’re inviting to the event can open the file(s) in question, and prompt you to adjust permissions accordingly if not.


This update is the first major improvement to Google Calendar for iPhone since its launch three months ago. Google says all of the above improvements are a direct result of user feedback, though it didn’t share when the app would arrive on Apple’s iPad.

In related news, event attachments have also launched in Google Calendar on the Web by default. The “Add attachment” link appears in all Google Calendar events moving forward, unless your Google Apps admin has disabled Google Drive for specific domains.


In fact, as of today, developers can also add Drive files to Google Calendar events created through the Calendar API. This is particularly useful for programmatically attaching meeting notes or PDFs of booking confirmations.

For more details, check out the guide and reference in the Google Calendar API documentation. Google is taking questions related to attachments and about any other Calendar API features on using the tag #google-calendar.