Soon enough, DomiNations is going to turn into a full-fledged Civilization game. Today, the Civilization-like mobile game from Big Huge Games is going to get an update that allows players to create Industrial Age societies.

The Industrial Age is part of the game’s second major update, and it is the single largest content update since DomiNations’ launch last fall. The title has caught attention for its high-end PC-like gameplay and its staying power in the top charts.

Nexon M, publisher of the game, bought a series of bus stop and outdoor advertisements touting the game at last week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles. The title is part of Tokyo-based Nexon’s (the parent company of Nexon M) expansion into Western markets. Nexon previously said that DomiNations had been downloaded 7.2 million times in its first 60 days.

The Industrial Age will include new wonders, units, buildings, blessings, and more. Players who advance to this modern age can outfit their bases with famous monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, or the Kremlin.

They can also equip their armies with tanks, zeppelins, and bi-planes. New kinds of troops will be available to join the ranks of each Nation’s army as well as new mercenary types themed to the era. Soldier types include machine gunners, commandos, Gurkhas, Bedouin Raiders, and Flammpanzers.

dominations industrial age 2

Above: You better level up, or you’ll find your medieval troops going up against machine gunners in DomiNations.

You can also research tech such as Drilling, Savings, Heavy Weaponry, and Nationalism. DomiNations is available on both iOS and Android. The title comes from Big Huge Games, which was founded by game veterans Tim Train and Brian Reynolds.