Forget Mountain Dew! The realest gaming fluid on the market is now Red Bull.

Early this morning, the energy-drink company Red Bull and Destiny publisher Activision sent out an astounding press release about their new partnership. The announcement uses incredible language that describes how a new quest will appear in the sci-fi shooter that will “leverage themes of speed, tenacity, and strategy inspired by the energy drink.” Well, that sounds simply synergistic!

Essentially, this agreement — in addition to the new Red Bull-inspired quest — will give players who drink Red Bull bonus experience points in Destiny. It will also plaster images of Destiny all over Red Bull cans. It’s the classic Mountain Dew/Doritos marketing strategy only for a drink that actually contains more caffeine than the Pepsi Company’s neon-green sugar nectar.

But Destiny isn’t the only big 2015 release working in conjunction with a beverage. Dying Light developer Techland wasted no time issuing the following response to the blockbuster Destiny/Red Bull agreement:

Of course, this is a playful jab at Destiny and Red Bull. I feel confident in saying that Dying Light and Techland probably haven’t made any advertising deals with the utility company that controls the water supply.

Plus, as you can see in the replies below, you don’t even really need to go to the store to buy anything to get the Dying Light water DLC: